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Mary Jo Foley over at ZDNet has a pretty interesting rumor on a Zune Marketplace-like service in development code named "Zune Video X". It's supposed to take what Microsoft's learned from their Xbox 360 Live Marketplace endeavor (menus, selling movies, renting movies, organization, etc) and port it into a Zune ecosystem. The point? "A single hub where Zune users could buy and download music, videos, TV shows and more entertainment content."


If this is true, it'll be interesting to see when Microsoft will roll this out. They've already revamped the Zune UI in the 2nd generation Zunes last Fall, and to redo the entire Marketplace portion of the suite again this year might be too many changes in too short a time. Then again, we'd really like Zune to support video and movie rentals that are tied into Xbox Live's movie rentals. [ZDNet]

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