Military-Grade Hummer Replacement Has Remote-Controlled Gun Turret

Illustration for article titled Military-Grade Hummer Replacement Has Remote-Controlled Gun Turret

I'm sure military enthusiasts will geek out about this IMI Wildcat — A Hummer-replacing 4x4 MPC vehicle that can hold 12 soldiers, protect against 14.5 mm fire and RPGs, cross 900mm trenches, is C-130 transportable, yada yada yada, whoopdie freakin doo. But what makes this thing truly awesome is that it has a gun turret on top that can be remotely controlled from inside.


Called the IMI WAVE, it is a camera mounted next to the gun, soldiers can sit inside and assess the situation from a video control panel that can automatically lock on to targets. Not only is it the only vehicle of its type to have this tech, but it will the risk of soldiers getting hit while standing and firing outside a vehicle. Check out this earlier Discovery Channel clip of the WAVE in action. It's like the best video game ever. [Aviation Week]

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I'm so glad gas prices are high now otherwise they'd be making a civilian version and our SoCal freeways would be full of soccer mom's driving these while doing their makeup!