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Millimeter Wave Chips Could Make Wireless A/V a Normal Thing

Illustration for article titled Millimeter Wave Chips Could Make Wireless A/V a Normal Thing

Wireless HD TVs and Blu-ray players are far from standard, but that may change as a plethora of super fast millimeter wave chips—based upon a standard by the IEEE802 (Wi-Fi) board—are released later this year.


We're talking about a 1Gb/s transfer rates, which would allow you to transmit a CD in 5 seconds or an SD movie in 9 seconds, used in devices ranging from TVs to mobile phones. (We've seen millimeter wave in limited rollout already, licensed from a company named SiBEAM.)

But according to Tech-On, Hitachi, Panasonic and Toshiba are all working on 60GHz wireless millimeter wave chips (that transmit 7GHz of bandwidth) of their own, with complementary products arriving the second half of this year. Such news is certainly no guarantee that millimeter wave tech will be the future home entertainment standard, but I say we support it. Because, c'mon. If we're still plugging in set top boxes 10 years from now, mankind has failed. We might as well just give up on world peace, walking on Mars and reaching a Gamerscore of 1,000,000.


More on the matter at: [Tech-On]

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We'll be one step closer to Protoss technology when everything is wireless. Then we'll just have to worry about whipper snappers pushing over our pylons. Damn kids!