Million Crystal Body: Swarovski Peep Show

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One million Swarovski crystals have been placed on this alluring young model, with enterprising entrepreneurs aiming to sell these pieces of micro-bling one by one, for one euro each. Presented as a strange sort of performance art, as each crystal is sold, these impresarios will remove one from the model, eventually showing her in all her glory without any crystals at all (as if they're going to make her stand there and wait while they remove each one). That is, if they sell one million of these. So reads the breathless prose of the crystal hucksters:

"Become a part of a world-spanning campaign and watch the uncovering of our model on our website. The more stones are sold, the more will be visible of the Million Crystal Body!"

We're thinking that with all the porn available on the Internet, you can see millions of pictures of babes more beautiful than this for free; why would you want to buy a little piece of glass, keeping it as a some sort of souvenir of a mass disrobing ceremony? It's not surprising in a world where used panties command a pricey premium.


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