Million Dollar Cellphone

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For those who have billions of dollars and nowhere to spend it, here's yet another object to acquire rather than giving away money to those pesky charities. It's a cellphone by Goldvish of Switzerland that costs a cool $1,278,000. Heck, starlets walking the red carpet at the Oscars wear jewelry worth way more than that, so why not have a cellphone that does its part toward the projection of obscene wealth?

At these prices, you'd think there'd be some highly sophisticated electronics inhabiting its innards, but there was no mention of what those might be. Who cares? Only solid platinum and gold encrusted with lots of flawless diamonds could make a cellphone this expensive. Weren't there are a lot of cellphones like this floating around just before the French Revolution?

Goldvish releases million dollar cell phone [Mobile Magazine]

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Geez, Giz - which is it? 1.278 or 1.287 — because, at 1.278 million, I might consider it, but 1.287 million is simply a bit over-priced.