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Mimique Cellphone Concept

Illustration for article titled Mimique Cellphone Concept

If anyone ever brings out a phone that looks like this, I'll have 10 of them, thangyewverymuch. A proposal of Californian design studio RKS, the Mimique is all about skins and downloads—a customizable phone with bells on, basically—using, as it does, open source software. I just love that old-school antenna bump and the analog clock. See another picture of it after the jump.

Illustration for article titled Mimique Cellphone Concept

[RKS Design via Yanko]

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@ChromiumSwitch: I guess that is where I have my problem. The idea, and even overall design is great, but if I pull out my bright yellow plastic phone when I have to make a call to the Judge, my client is going to laugh as he walks out of the room to find an attorney with a "big boy" phone.

There is certainly something great about the simplicity of the phone, just make sure that it has at least one version that doesn't scream MTV generation.