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Ming-Na On Being The First Lesbian To Step Out Of The Stargate

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Ming-Na's Stargate Universe character isn't just stepping through a portal into another galaxy, she's coming out of the closet. She tells us about playing Stargate's first openly gay character, and how this show is about to get a lot sexier.

Ming-Na: When I first signed on as Camille, that wasn't part of the revelation of who she was. And what I think is so great about Brad and Robert is that sometimes an inspiration comes to them, or they're willing to take a risk. I mean this whole Stargate series is a risk because they are taking a whole different approach to the look and the feel of this series versus the Stargates before. And so when they approached me, and said, "You know we're thinking of taking the character in this direction. Are you comfortable with that?"

I've never played a gay character, and for me that was such an incredible challenge. And I said, "As long as you write her with absolute depth and she's well rounded, and there's no stereotypes, and she's a real person — then yes, let's go for it." I'm thrilled. I just think that it's a great challenge for me as an actor. There are certain mindsets that are very different. But being an Asian woman in this business, I have had to deal with a lot of adversities, I have had to deal with a lot of issues that are pertinent to being an Asian woman. So I relate a lot to Camille's character, because I think being a woman who's also gay in an environment where she has to be the head of a department - she's an IOA officer, head of the human resources department, and she is in charge in a man's world. So it's a really great challenge.


David Blue (who plays Eli) adds: They didn't write a character who's out there; she's not campaigning for anything on the ship. She's herself and this is an aspect of her character and they play that very well because it's the realistic quality of, this is who she is. And this is just part of ... I mean even the way they revealed it on the show, it's very natural, it's very respectful.

MN: I think it's out on some of that internet stuff. And yes, yes you do. And I absolutely rose to the challenge. Girls' lips are very soft, let's just say that! ... Oh, is that the wrong thing to say?!


Blue: No, I'm just trying to pretend like I'm here doing an interview and not just hearing that as a normal guy.

And here they are talking about stepping up the dialogue and getting hot and heavy on the Destiny: