One of our favorite episodes of Junkyard Wars was the pumpkin-flinging catapult competition so when we saw these functional mini catapult and trebuchet kits we briefly but immediately wished we lived somewhere with a yard big enough to use them—the catapult can hurl things ten feet and the trebuchet twenty, so they wouldn't be much fun in a New York apartment unless you live in an industrial loft or don't mind potentially breaking all your stuff.

The catapult will set you back $19.99 and the trebuchet costs ten bucks more; if you get one or both, send us photos of the mayhem, we like to live vicariously through our readers. In the meantime maybe we'll just get a Monty Python Cow Catapult for fun around Gizmodo HQ.


Catapult and Trebuchet Kits [ThinkGeek, via Uncrate]