Minox DC-1022: Compact 10-Megapixel Camera with VFM and Carry Strap

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Details of Minox's DC-1022, the successor to its rather fabulous 8122, have been released. The compact 10-megapixel camera lets you choose aperture and shutter speed for yourself, and there are a range of different modes, from sports and animal photography through fireworks and nighttime. There's also a failsafe automatic mode. Image stabilization is software-based so you should have less blurred photos, even when using zoom.

The DC-1022 will set you back $469 on Amazon.com and it ships starting June 1. There's a full list of specs after the jump.

$469 Amazon, ships on June 1

150 grams

Meausrements 93x57x25.5 (mm)

10.10 Megapixels

Maximum resolution 3648 x 2736

Minimum resolution 640 x 480

Minoctar lens

1/1.7-inch CCD sensor

Digital and Optical zoom

Internal memory of 32MB

SD card slot for up to 2GB memory cards

Auto focus

Built-in Flash with anti red-eye, auto, fill-in and slow modes

Exposure compensation

White balance

Video function with sound

Maximum video resolution 640x480

Minimum video resolution 160x120

30 Frames per second

Voice recording

2.8-inch LCD display with anti-reflection coating


USB 2.0

Video out

JPEG File format

Lithium-Ion battery

Carrying case


USB and video cable


Minox DC1022 [Let's Go Digital]

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generally anything over 6 megaixels REDUCES the image quality, as the sensors get so small that they don't get enough light - making noise a big problem.

But, since most consumers are caught in the myth that more megapixels = better, we keep gettng higher and higher numbers.

Still, this has a good zoom (god i hate 3x zooms) and it has a 1.7 inch sensor, so it should have better pics than most compacts..