MIOpup is Cheap AIBO-wannabe, Shows 100 Emoticons

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MIOpup is Sega/Tiger Electronics' new robotic puppy after the iDog. This Jetsons-looking cheap AIBO-wannabe looks really cute and ready to hump Hello Kitty's leg at any time. If you can call Her Catness' white blobs legs, that is. And if this thing can hump at all.* So what can MIOpup do for you? A demo video after the jump.

Apart from walking, "feeding" and dancing to rave music, the head and back have a touch sensor that reacts to your caressing. You know, so you can hump MIO instead of it humping your leg.


Its ears and tail can wiggle and its eyes can show a hundred emoticons that will tell your kids how it feels like when they left it in the closet to play Wii (hint: The icon looks like a fist with its middle finger extended). It looks like Japan is getting it first in October for $75, so it looks like it will be home for Christmas. Like Tony Bennett.


* Incidentally, I can't understand why manufacturers keep forgetting to implement leg-humping in all these pseudocanine companions. A dog that doesn't hump your leg is not a dog.

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