MirageVision Outdoor Wireless Weatherproof TV

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It may be nearing the end of summer, but that is no excuse to come inside from the beloved outdoors. For those who want a little indoor luxuries in an outdoor environment, this TV might be perfect.


This is a 32-inch TV from MirageVision with a wireless transmitter that will operate up to 150 feet away. The transmitter can plug into any type of video device including cable/satellite boxes, DVD player, etc. The feature list also says "High Definition picture." Given the very descriptive nature, we are going to assume that this TV doesn't support true HD.

The customizable backlighting makes this TV very visible in daytime and nighttime situations. It is completely weatherproof too, so when hurricane Oprah comes knocking on your door, just hide under the TV and you will be safe. It is available for $4,595.


Product Page [Via BornRich]

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