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Mister Disc, The "Portable" LP Player

Illustration for article titled Mister Disc, The Portable LP Player

Keeping with our tech-from-20-years-ago theme, we present you with Mister Disc. This "miniature" beauty was a portable LP player created by Audio Technics in 1983. It was even battery powered to ensure "on the go" fun. Although fun could not consist of moving or any vibrations in general, otherwise your music would come to abrupt stop. Maybe this would be a good time to take a couple of minutes and go let your iPod know how much it means to you. [New Launches]


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Man, that's a funny-looking CD. The hole is totally the wrong size.

And what's up with that laser-on-a-stick? Wouldn't it be more stable to put the reader inside the housing? What are you supposed to do, drag the head across the playing surface?? HaHa!