MiWi the Dental Hygienists' Choice of Wii Knock-Off

The latest Wii knock-off is the MiWi. Following in the Vii's footsteps, this one, by Number One Electronics Company in the World Evah, No, Really, Eittek, looks like something you might find on sale in the oral hygiene department of your local shop. It's got utterly craptastic plastic clubs and paddles, as well as an N64-esque joystick. And some idea of the quality of the console is given when you see what the games look like:


Just think, if Macbeth were a gamer, he might have said, "Is this a 16-bit cartridge which I see before me?" And then Shakespeare would have beaten the murderous Scottish witch-fancier to death with the MiWi, saying, "I said 'IAMBIC PENTAMETERS,' not freestyle, you stupid twunt." [Sportsgame via Technabob]

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