Mix Tape USB, Makes Us Happy, Reminds Us We Are Old

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Some days you wake up and you just do not want to go on. You miss the touch of plastic that audiocassettes used to fill your life with. Well, the Mix Tape USB, by Suck UK should go a little way to help. No pricing information is available yet, but we are sure it will be worth it; just think...


Not only can you revel in the retro casing, you can also whip out the USB stick from the cassette's innards and load that up with tunes for your baby-boo. How will they know what is on there? Plug and play? You are not old-school enough, man—there is a track-list record sheet included! I can just smell the good old days, I tell you. Oh no, that is the smell of not washing. To be fair, the two scents are fairly similar; my bad—I should go shower.

[Suck UK via Technabob].



Why didn't I think of this!?!?! But the coolest thing is you can make a mix tape in minutes with this thing with a few simple clicks of mouse. I remember that it used to take hours to make a mix tape at the house. Have the find the tapes you were pulling from, then record it just right, AWW shoot I just recorded over a the last 5 seconds of the fourth track!!!