MobiBLU Cube 2 Now Available - Ditches Walmart?

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The MobiBLU Cube 2 is officially out in the US. The MP3 playback is improved with WOW HD sound enhancement technology from SRS Labs (for whatever that's worth). Also, the Cube 2 features a 65k color OLED screen that can playback WMA movies at a massive .5-inches and supports PlaysforSure.

The Cube 2 comes in 4 colors (collect them all). Sizes range from 1-2gb ($100-$120), while the battery life is still only rated for 10 hours audio playback (5 for video). Even with a better screen, we would like to see a longer lasting battery.


But the big surprise? The new version is available on the manufacturer's site, Amazon, and NOT Walmart. The original MobiBLU was Walmart exclusive, so this is shocking news. Guess we have absolutely no reason to visit that store again.

Product Page [via anythingbutipod]