Generation MP3 managed to their hands on the hard drive powered mobiBLU DHH-200 digital audio player. This player has been lingering around for quite some time now with little to no feedback about the actual unit itself, but it is good to see it finally hitting the hands of the reviewers. For a quick refresher, this player comes in 6GB or 8GB flavors and plays back your music. Easy enough.


French site, GenMP3 gave this player a full blown review, unfortunately, unless you know French or want to try and decipher the Google translation the written review won't do so well. Luckily the GenMP3 guys also put up a video here. Hooray for video! They gave this DAP a 3 out of 5, so it isn't anything too spectacular, but may be the right kind of player for all of you anti-iPoders out there.

Video Review [GenMP3 via dapreview]