Remember when Apple got shady with Windows users by pushing out Safari via its own software update tool to everyone, even if you didn't have it installed already? Windows users are now up in arms again about iTunes 7.7 bringing along an unwanted MobileMe control panel without asking, and I don't blame them. Granted, a control panel is not the same as an entire application, but getting loaded up with extra software that you don't want is still a shady move. And unfortunately, that's just the start of MobileMe's pushiness.


Our own Jason Chen also noticed a surprise when he docked his iPhone this morning-this big fat ad for MobileMe in iTunes under the "Summary" tab for his phone. No code installed here, but getting spammed for a service that's had hiccup after embarrassing hiccup over the last several weeks is not the best way to keep those already in your customer base happy. Tsk tsk Apple. [Computerworld]

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