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Elegantly integrating an iPod into the car is fairly hard to do. There's a whole host of methods to accomplish the task, from line-in inputs in after-market radios, tape adapters and FM transmitters, provided you don't live in an FM radio-saturated market. Speck Products has an FM transmitter that promises to both work well and actually look attractive in the process. The MobileTune plugs into your car's 12V power socket and the iPod's dock connector; the cord functions as an antenna, so you're less likely to hear static on the road. The knob is actually the interface for changing the tuned-in station. I bet not even the Batmobile had one of these.

Speck Products touts a number of features that set this FM transmitter against the others, such as the fact that it supposedly charges the iPod faster than other transmitters and sounds better thanks to the cord/antenna. This perhaps comes at a price, since the MobileTune is only compatible with iPods newer than 3G models. Death to dinosaurs, apparently.


It's $59.95 and is available now.

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