Modern Warfare 2 "Prestige Edition" Features Real, Working Night Vision Goggles

Modern Warfare 2's exercise in excess "Prestige Edition" features a book of artwork and character details, a metallic collector's edition of the game and...a fully functioning pair of night-vision goggles with a creepy sculpted head as a stand.

We don't know much about the night-vision goggles, except that they're MW2-branded and feature "alternating modes" (alternating between what?), but the package comes with enough extras to keep you busy while you figure out how to show the goggles off to your buddies yet keep them easy to hide when girls come over. Seeing as how the Collector's Edition of the game costs $80, and the Prestige Edition includes that in addition to the goggles, it'd be fair to expect these to cost a wallet-pounding amount. [via Twitter]


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