MOG's New Desktop App Has Native AirPlay Support

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MOG finally released a desktop app for OS X to accompany their web and smartphone-based players, which is great. But what makes it really interesting is that it's one of the first non-Apple desktop apps to offer native AirPlay support.


For people, like myself, who push their music around their home or office sans wires, integrated AirPlay support is wonderful because apps like Airfoil are no longer needed to facilitate that process. And hopefully this means we'll be seeing many more native implementations of AirPlay in multimedia apps from here on out.

As for the rest of the new MOG player, it looks identical to the HTML5 web player, which is fine, because that's nice looking UI. Plus, having a MOG icon on your dock to navigate to is nice when you have a million browser tabs and a million other windows open and you want to pick something different to listen to.


But in any case, the app is available now in the Mac App Store and it's free (the subscription, however, still costs a few duckets). [Mac App Store, MOG]

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Strange, yesterday I tweeted @rdio since they just updated their desktop app to be fully Lion compatible. I told them they should add airplay next, and one of their guys replied to me saying that Apple hadn't provided an API for AirPlay on OSX (despite it being in iTunes).

So how did MOG do it?