Moog Minifoogers Pack Brain-Crushing Sound Into Affordable Stomp Boxes

Moog Music's new "Minifoogers" are a line of compact, analog effects pedals that'll allow you to warp the sound of your guitar or another electrified instrument in myriad ways. They're packed with all the Moog sound we've come to expect from the brand, without the high price tag its products usually command.


The five new pedals are the MF Delay, MF, Trem, MF Drive, MF Ring, and MF Boost, which are an analog delay, tremolo, overdrive, ring modulator, and gain booster. All of the pedals support an external expression pedal so you can vary the intensity of the effect much in the same way Jimmy Hendrix worked a wah pedal to titillating emotional highs and lows.

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The sonic flavors themselves are all common effects, so what's going to make these pedals special is if they've inherited some of the glorious circuitry (and sound) from the larger Moogerfooger effects modules the company has been producing for the last decade. Indeed, Moog's legendary sound is all about analog synthesis so one would hope it would carry on down the line to the Minifoogers even if they're not as pricey as the existing Moogeroogers, which all cost $300 or more. The new pedals all cost under $200 with the exception of the $220 delay. Besides the more reasonable price tag, these boxes are attractive because they're quite small compared to the beefy Moogerfoogers, and thus, they're much more likely to find their way into a pedal board or gear bag.

If we're to trust the video above, these little stomp boxes are capable of some crazy sounds—at least, when they're all linked together in a chain. Sure, Moog might be better known for its synthesizers with keys, but that experience with analog synthesis can't hurt when it comes to designing simple, feature-oriented boxes like the Minifoogers. To be totally honest, I can't wait to plug these in and take them for a whirl. They're all available for purchase now, except for the analog delay, which is available for pre-order. [Moog]



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