More Details, Dates Leak on T-Mobile's 3G Rollout Calendar

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If you're a T-Mo user with a 3G-capable piece, you're probably ready to start, you know, using it. Cellphone Signal is reporting on more info of the rollout through 2008, and it's pretty much in line with the city selection we saw leak in April. No official confirmation here but the list contains a few more rumored launch dates popping up for September. The full leaked list (including cities recently launched):

Baltimore - Aug 18th Houston – Aug 19th Minneapolis – Aug 20th San Diego – Sept 15th Los Angeles – Sept 16th Phoenix – Sept 16th Sacramento – Sept 17th Portland – Sept 18th Seattle – Sept 23rd San Francisco – Sept 24th


The remainder of the list of rumored 2008 cities is the same group from April:

Atlanta Birmingham Chicago Dallas Denver Detroit Kansas City Memphis Miami New England Orlando Philadelphia Tampa Washington, D.C.


Almost there, urban T-Mobilers. [Cellphone Signal via BGR]

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Our US 3G bands suck. I mean, AT&T offers UMTS or 3G using 850mhz(the old TDMA band) and 1900mhz, While T-mobile offers HSDPA (technically 3.5g part of the UMTS specification) using 1700MHz for uplink and 2100MHz downlink... and to screw it up even more.. the T-mobile one is not compatible with EU 3g phones (that i know of) because they're in a different range of 2100.

It would have been easier if our government could have allowed the European compatible spectrum to be used. If so we could use any EU Nokia, Samsung, etc.

Now, what we have is iPhone 3g only able to work on At&t (3g wise)

New versions of phones will need to be made for T-mobile.. So I guess we'll have phones with Tri-band UMTS, one for t-mobile, one for At&t and one for EU.

poo poo.