More Details on the Rock Band Stage Kit

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If the latest update over at Gamestop is correct, we have new details on Rock Band's upcoming stage kit, an easy way to bring real lights and fog to your otherwise fake performances. (Hey, I'm not bashing it. 99.9% of the population has failed at their dreams of rock stardom, including those who actually play instruments.)


The new kit is said to be released August 15th of this year and cost $100. And at this time it's available for pre-order now on the Xbox 360, but not listed as a PS3 option (which may or may not mean something). That said, we're still holding out for Rock Band's next, most promising simulation peripheral—the groupie kit. [Gamestop via Kotaku]



I can't wait for the living room mosh pit.

If anyone needs distracting elements to make the game more difficult, let me know. I have two young kids you can borrow that will do the trick nicely.