More Details on Zune Social Networking Features

This is not text messaging and it's not even on the Zune itself. This is just a document illustrating how the Zune Social networking features will work in the software on your PC. You're sending messages—pointers to songs or albums—with your own notes to your friends, which are shown in the inbox portion of the software. No new features we haven't seen yet, just a doc showing how it'll work. We've sent Haroon to remedial reading comprehension school in the mean time. -J.C.

As some of our astute readers have pointed out, the Zune 2 looks like it will support a Wi-Fi text messaging service. The extract from the leaked support document details an inbox feature, which "is where customers can send and receive text messages with other Zune users." The added functionality would sure make the social a lot more social, but the exact details are not clear.


Apparently, there are three types of messages, including text, artist or album. What the artist and album message formats will allow is not clear. (Simply a message with the information seems unlikely, but anything beyond that also seems a little unlikely). What has not been touched upon is a method for text entry; we sure hope there is some form of a solution to make this doable. Given the hardware infrastructure we cannot see a solution, but we'd love to be proven wrong. [Zune Scene via Zune Boards]

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