More MacBook 3G Evidence: Snow Leopard's Got Bits for Built-in 3G Hardware

Adding to the pile of evidence that MacBooks are gonna get built-in 3G—like the search for Mac hardware 3G testers—the updated System Profiler in Snow Leopard has a dedicated spot for WWAN, which would only be the case for built-in hardware. June does seem like a good time for 3G MacBooks, don't you think? [AppleInsider]



I would definitely be curious to see how a 3G connection on a laptop works out. I know my 3G connection on the G1 is pretty ok for a phone connection, though I'd hate it on a laptop (I'm used to Wi-Fi or LAN connections, after all).

I just did a few speed tests with my Android phone on T-Mobile's network. Got three different results, ranging from abuot 250 kbps to 550 kbps. Anyone on another phone/network getting a better connection than this? Because if this is an average (or even slightly below average) speed, I don't think 3G would really be all that interesting on a laptop. Wake me when it's 4G.