More on the iTunes Plus High Quality, 256kbps Bitrate Tracks

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If Charlie's take on the iTunes Plus songs wasn't enough for you, then check out our own Wilson Rothman's piece in the NYT about the same subject.


Not to spoil anything, but Wilson and his two test partners could hear a difference between 128kbps and 256kbps on his medium to medium-high end speaker setup. However, if you've got a $50 speaker setup running from off your motherboard's sound card, you probably won't.


Where's the Other Half of Your Music File? [NYTimes]

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Who has ever said that they could change only some info to make the file "look like .." ?

When i talk about "upsample" (sorry for my rough english) i mean that you could quietly convert a 128kbit mp3 to a 256kbit file, and this will be a real 256kbit mp3, not just a "fake-labeled file" (so no lawsuit), because it will be double sized, and it will have a real 256kbit bitrate: with the only exception that, being upsampled from 128, it will have the same "information" inside, so no more quality than a 128kbit file, just double size (maybe even a slight quality loss because of the lossy compression, it will be like saving the same JPG image two times, you compress an already compressed file so you lose further data).

Anyhow what Wilson said makes perfect sense, so i retire my suspect ;-)