More Speculation That LED Displays for Apple Laptops Coming This Year

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Think Secret is re-emphasizing that displays in smaller MacBook Pros and possibly MacBooks will be backlit with LEDs by the second quarter of this year, if not as early as this this quarter. Though the LED-backlit systems are already in development, the question remains as to whether production will begin in time to make a Q1 launch—a Q2 launch looks more likely.

Besides being brighter and more power efficient than CCFL backlights, LEDs will also allow Apple to make its notebooks even thinner. Of course, primo tech comes at a primo price...


a 13.3-inch display backlit with LEDs costs twice as much as one using a CCFL backlight, and it only goes up with the screen size. So TS expects the tech to roll out in MacBooks or 15.4-inch MacBook Pros first, with everything else joining the party in 2008. With that kind of price premium, it seems more likely that it'll debut in the MacBook Pros, appearing in the cheaper MacBooks after the price of the tech comes down.

Lending credence to the Q2 launch is the debut that same quarter of a faster Core 2 Duo chip (2.4GHz T7700 if you care), which could go hand-in-hand with the new display in updating the MacBook lines. Better screens, faster chips? Since Leopard will be out then, it's looking like a good time for me to finally take the dive.

Apple laptops to get brighter, more energy efficient displays [Think Secret]


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matt buchanan

Looks like Intel's 45nm Penryn core, despite being fabbed by the end of this year, won't actually be rolling out in computers until Q1 2008, from what I've been seeing.