Morpho Towers: Ferrofluid + Music = Hypnotic WTF

Metal in motion is nothing new and neither are these Morpho Towers, two metal spirals sitting on a large surface full of ferrofluid, a viscous liquid saturated with iron particles.


Why I am posting about it, then? Well, I could just say that I find it amazing to see how they designed this sculpture to sync with the music, changing the magnetic fields to affect the ferrofluid shape accordingly, in real time. I could even put on a very snotty Eurosnob face and say that I find the motion of liquid metal dancing playfully to the piano notes absolutely fascinating and oh-so delicate.

Instead, however, I would just say it's a frikkin' slow Friday morning. And that I need thick black ferrofluid-style coffee. Now.

Sachiko Kodama, Yasushi Miyajima "Morpho Towers — Two Standing Spirals" [kodama via Future Feeder]



that was really neat, I liked that muchos. i need a soundtrack.