Mosquito-Repelling Necklace

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Here's one of those things that probably doesn't work, but it would really be great if it did: a mosquito-repelling necklace. This battery-operated device transmits high-pitched noises that are obnoxious to them 'skeeters, chasing them away and keeping them from sucking your blood. The company says it's effective up to 10 feet, and if it chases away too many of those mosquitoes, you can switch it off so that you won't run down its included battery. And, even if it doesn't work, people will think you're wearing an MP3 player around your neck.

So now you can add this $6.99 trinket to your arsenal of mosquito repellent equipment, such as the anti-mosquito watch we showed you, the mosquito-repelling phone, and even that stoopid mosquito box that claps its hands in vain, trying to kill every mosquito in sight. Or, if you're not chemically averse, you could just use something that actually works such as insect repellent.


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