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Mossberg on Zune 2: 'Still No iPod'

Illustration for article titled Mossberg on Zune 2: Still No iPod

Walt Mossberg, the Wall Street Journal's tech gnome, got a chance to play with Microsoft's new line of Zunes, and he was pretty ambivalent about them. While he thinks they're a noticeable improvement over the first generation, that's not really saying much seeing how unimpressed he was with those. And he hates the Pink. But he is a fan of the new Zune Pad controller, the updated software and better Wi-Fi implementation, so all is not lost. He only mentioned the iPod 35 times in this review (Zune: 67) but when you talk Zune, you have to talk iPod, so we forgive his Apple love. And we can throw no stones.


However, despite the upgrades, ol' Walt thinks Microsoft is competing with last-gen iPods rather than the current batch. He think the Zune gets blown away by the iPod touch (I would think they shouldn't be compared, as they're totally different, but what do I know) and is also outclassed by the nano and classic, which offer slimmer profiles and bigger screens (at least on the nano).

And he still likes the iTunes Music Store over the Zune Marketplace, which is certainly understandable. A music store lives and dies by its selection, and iTunes is clearly the winner here.


And while the Wi-Fi syncing is nice, it sucks up too much juice for Mossy's tastes. So his verdict, unsurprisingly, is to go with an iPod. [All Things D]

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The new Zunes aren't bad actually, though the 2.2 firmware update fucked up video playback on my Zune30. The Zune software is inferior to iTunes in my opinion. It's spiffier to look at, but after using it for a while it just feels really empty in comparison. The classic is nothing truly special, but it's a nice player and it actually works well now since the updates. But what really makes the iPod is iTunes, since I use the desktop software at home, not the device. In this respect alone, Microsoft is lagging behind. On the hardware side, they're really pushing a good thing.