Most PC Drives Will Support Both HD DVD and Blu-ray; Format War Endless and/or Meaningless

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By 2012, two-thirds of all high-def disc drives for PCs will support both Blu-ray and HD DVD, says an analyst at ABI Research. He also added that by 2009, universal drives will cost the same as Blu-ray drives, fueling the interest in choosing them over a single-format drive. ABI also says that the rumblings about a market for standalone HD processors inside PCs is bunk, and that Intel and AMD will soon smoothly handle HD using standard chipsets. The analyst addressed HD disc burning, too, saying only that for now, consumers will probably stick to burning DVDs for data storage, and that burning HD discs will only really matter when prices on blank media come down. It's funny how technology always comes in to solve problems created by technology. [ABI Research]