Most Sprint Phones Getting Exchange and Lotus Notes Corporate Email

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Sprint really does want the Instinct to be the best iPhone clone in the land, 'cause they're adding corporate email (Exchange and Lotus Notes) to it and a slew of other consumer phones through Sprint Mobile Email Work. The corporate email setup comes gratis with their Everything plans, or $9.99 separately. The other lucky phones receiving this blessing "in the coming weeks" are LG's Rumor and Fusic; the RAZR, RAZR2 and KRZR; Katana I and II and the 8400; and Sammy's A900, A900M and M500. More phones will get it later—all the details below.


Sprint Mobile Email Work Gives Sprint Customers Access to Business Email on Instinct by Samsung and Other Non-PDA Phones

Access to Microsoft Exchange Server and IBM Lotus Notes Through Sprint Mobile Email Work Gives Sprint Customers More Device Choices for Checking Corporate Email on the Go

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.—(BUSINESS WIRE)—June 19, 2008—Customers of Sprint (NYSE:S) can soon get mobile access to their corporate email accounts on select non-PDA Sprint phones such as the new Instinct by Samsung. Easy access to Microsoft Exchange Server and IBM Lotus Notes accounts will be available through Sprint Mobile Email Work, as an extension of Sprint Mobile Email's existing access to personal email accounts from popular Web-based providers such as AOL, Gmail, Windows Live and Yahoo! Mail. Sprint Mobile Email Work will allow users of the Instinct and other non-PDA phones, such as flip phones with more consumer-oriented features, to access both their corporate and personal email in one easy-to-use application, included at no additional charge in several Sprint pricing plans.

"Sprint Mobile Email Work will allow customers to read and respond to their business email and look up work contacts from a wider variety of Sprint phones, including the new Instinct," said Kevin Packingham, senior vice president of product and technology development for Sprint. "With combined access to corporate and personal email in a single application on popular consumer-friendly phones, Sprint customers can increase productivity and stay connected whenever and wherever they want."

Sprint worked with SEVEN to create Sprint Mobile Email Work, which allows customers to access Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003 or 2007 accounts, or IBM Lotus Domino accounts. The service features an easy, one-time setup process: Sprint Mobile Email Work is preloaded on the Instinct, so customers simply select Email on the main Menu to get to Sprint Mobile Email, then click the Work tab and enter their server information, user name and password. Emails are then pushed to the user's phone as they arrive in their desktop mailbox. Users can read, delete, respond to and compose new emails. All changes made via the Sprint phone are automatically synchronized with the user's desktop mailbox.

Sprint Mobile Email Work is included at no additional charge in Everything plans starting at $69.99, Talk/Message/Data Share plans starting at $129.99 for two lines, and the $30 Sprint Pro Pack data plan. With all other plans, Sprint Mobile Email Work is available for $9.99 per month, in addition to voice and data charges (taxes and surcharges excluded).

In addition to the Instinct by Samsung, Sprint Mobile Email Work will be available in the coming weeks on 11 other popular Sprint phones, including the Rumor(TM) and Fusic(TM) by LG(R); the RAZR, RAZR2 and KRZR by Motorola; the A900, A900M and M500 by Samsung(R); and the Katana(R), Katana(R) II and 8400 by Sanyo(R). Sprint plans to extend the service to additional phones in the future.

Sprint Mobile Email Work will be provided as a software update in the coming weeks to customers with Sprint Mobile Email on compatible phones. To download Sprint Mobile Email, customers should go to the mobile Web on their phone and select Downloads, then type "email" in the search box. Once Sprint Mobile Email is downloaded, compatible phones will allow the customer to install Sprint Mobile Email Work through a software update when available. Customers should check with their IT department prior to accessing Sprint Mobile Email Work to verify company policies.

About Sprint Mobile Email

Sprint Mobile Email provides easy access to multiple email accounts in one place, from well-known providers such as AOL (includes AOL and AIM Mail), Windows Live (includes MSN and Hotmail), Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and more. Sprint Mobile Email is available on more than 35 Sprint phones as a free download for Sprint data subscribers. With Sprint Mobile Email, customers can:

* Compose, read and manage email on their phone from anywhere, with the ability to work in off-network situations - even on airplanes

* Get alerts when new emails arrive

* Automatically synchronize email on their mobile phone with online mail accounts

* Look up online contacts and address books

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One of the big complaints right now about the iPhone is that it lacks local encryption of data on the device. I am not certain how often corporations truly use this (although I hear it is common with government, health care, and attorneys), but if an iPhone clone really wants to make a splash into the market, that is a 'must have' feature for some businesses.