Motion-Activated Alarm Keeps Wrapped Gifts a Secret

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Once you officially make the switch from child to parent, the holidays suddenly become a remarkably stressful time of year. There's decorating, shopping, baking, socializing, and of course keeping a watchful eye on presents so your kids don't figure out what's under that wrapping paper—a task made considerably easier now that someone's re-branded a simple siren-equipped motion sensor as a gift alarm.


With the ability to detect any motion within a four-foot radius, the alarm even prevents kids from getting close enough to carefully peel back the wrapping paper and peek inside. And if someone does breech the perimeter, the alarm flashes and wails until you come to disarm it and chase the intruders away. So $13 isn't bad if it helps to ensure that come Christmas morning there are still surprised faces all around—and as an early gift to you, batteries are included. [Archie McPhee via Ubergizmo]


Organized Chaos

As a kid, I became an expert at unwrapping Xmas gifts just enough to see what was inside, then sealing it back up again to look as if it was never touched. Don't ask me why I wanted to ruin my own surprise like that, I don't quite know. I wouldn't do it with all of them, just a couple each year that got set out early.