Motion Blur Gallery

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I shot this with my 3G iPhone. Right after he got out of the creek in the Background. -James Crowley

Canon 50D; EFS 17-85mm; Shutter: 1/100; Focal: 76mm; ISO: 160 -Asi Levy


This was shot on a Nikon N8008 Using Fujicolor pro 160 C41 35mm Color film negative, Scanned on at the local Walgreens while I'm on vacation in AZ Of the winning horse crossing the finish line. Did a little post editing in iPhoto (mostly cropping). I am a photographer who generally focus's on taking pictures of other photographers at work.... I thought this might work well for the contest though. -Sam Rivers


I let my dog go swimming in the lake and since it was evening and naturally lower light, I had my camera (Cannon SD750) on auto mode and an Auto ISO setting. Buster just shakes too fast and the auto mode couldn't keep up. Notice how is nose and legs are somewhat in focus. -Kelly Gardner