Motion Pro II Racing Simulator in Action, Still Cause for Divorce

Remember yesterday's drooltastic Motion Pro II racing simulator? Here's how it works and how much it costs. We talked with Chris Considine—CXC Simulations head honcho—who tells us that yes, people actually buy these things even if they cost more than a car: the Motion Pro II starts at $25,995, but he said that a client spent $45,000 on one, after add-ons. See the complete shopping list—and high definition pictures from a real system—after the jump.


Base model: $25,995 (one screen)


Panoramic display system: $12,995

Six-speed gated shifter and progressive clutch upgrade: $1,049.95

Sequential shifter and hand brake: $1,049.95

Mobility System: $529.95

Carbon fiber bodywork kit: $1,799.95

Advanced on-site setup and training: $2,995


The other options, like the custom paint for the bodywork, are listed as "Call." And then you have to add the software, like Rfactor for $450 or Race for $195. Too expensive to buy? You can rent one: six hours for $1,400 or a week for $12,200, plus two operators at $750 for half a day. And shipping. [CXC Simulations—full video at Inside Sim Racing]

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