Motion-Sensing Camera Catches Netflix Thief Red-Handed, Shirtless

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Brian Krische and his roommate had a lot of their Netflix discs go missing before they received them, and they grew suspicious. So, like any self-respecting and enterprising geeks, they set up a motion-sensing camera pointed at their mailbox. The results? One chubby, shirtless criminal caught red-handed.

Yes, it turns out their "white-trash tenants in the first floor" had a penchant for checking their neighbors' mail while out on their daily shirtless stroll, snagging any red envelopes that happened to be there. Once Krische got the evidence in hand, he called up Netflix, who then called the cops. The shirtless bandits ended up with a $750 fine and a trip to the First Offender Program. That'll teach 'em to steal their neighbors' BioDome DVD. [Krische Online via GadgetLab]