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MOTOFONE F3 Hands-On: Sexy, Cheap

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last night Motorola had quite an event. Our own Nicholas Deleon was live on the scene for the event and you can check out his first look of the RIZR here. After that, check out MobileBurn's first look of the MOTOFONE F3 from the Motorola event last night. The F3 is the affordable handset in Motorola's line of ultra-thin cellphones.


The spec sheet may be weak, but don't rule out this phone yet. At only .35 inches thick this phone definitely stands out for a lower end phone. It also uses a monochromatic EPD "Clear Vision" display that has a retro-feel to it. At $50 without any kind of carrier ball-busting contracts this will definitely be one of the more popular low-end cellphones.

Hands On with Motorola's SCPL Based MOTOFONE F3 [MobileBurn]