Motorized Shoes Could Win Dyson Vacuum's Big Award (and Our Hearts)

Illustration for article titled Motorized Shoes Could Win Dyson Vacuums Big Award (and Our Hearts)

I've seen kids zooming about on Heeleys, but Treadways' motorized shoes are firmly for Adult Use Only. The designer has entered them into the annual James Dyson Awards, and if successful could be put on the market. No more walking!

Treadways' founder Peter Treadway reckons they're better suited as an alternative to using the car or bus for short-haul journeys. Of course, I'm partial to cycling if I can (GoCycle's electric bike being my current obsession), but a zippy pair of lithium-polymer battery powered attachments that I can fold over my shoes would definitely get a test run at least. [Treadways via James Dyson Awards]

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Looks fairly uncomfortable to use and doesn't provide the same energy saving benefit that sitting on an electric bicycle gives you.

Also in all the prototypes and in the concept pics it looks like you will end up wearing some pretty heavy shoes.