Motorola A1600 Leaked?

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According to Chinese site enet, Motorola's Linux-based A1200 is getting a successor, the A1600. And the quad band GSM phone features plenty of upgrades. Of course it starts with the standard speedier CPU and better 3.2MP (35mm quality) camera. But this phone gets two bigger upgrades we can all appreciate: Wi-Fi and GPS. At just 17.5mm thick, we're really hoping for an external screen on this new design. We should know more when the product is expected to hit in February. [enet via unwiredview]

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@joe23521: Sloppy rendering when the image on the left was created? On my wife's A1200 the flip is indeed just clear plastic, with next-to-invisible wiring for the microphone hidden in the round "M" badge. It looks like this one will be the same...