Slim Motorola A1200 Coming Soon

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Looks like Motorola wants a phone that looks like the PEBL and RAZR had a kid on steroids. The A1200 is still in development stages, but it might be released as soon as January. Some features include a nice 2MP camera, business card scanning abilities, POP3/IMAP4/SMTP email, and a 2.4" 240 320-pixel QVGA TFT screen. This phone will also have lots of multimedia functionality with support for over 10 file formats for playing back audio and video. Storage can be upgraded via T-Flash up to 512MB. Oh, did we mention it can read Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files? Yeah. Keep an eye out for this slimmed-down powerhouse soon.

The Ultra-slim Motorola A1200 Smartphone [DL Mag]

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