Motorola Alexander Cellphone Spy Shot: It Doesn't Look Like a Savior

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It has been a few months since we first heard about the upcoming "Alexander" phone from Motorola-a release that was considered a do-or-die for the company. BGR has managed to snag a spy shot of the phone that clearly shows a Windows Mobile platform running (listed at 6.1 but may be 7) as opposed to UIQ and what appears to be a vertical sliding QWERTY. It's still slated for a Q4 release, but I don't see it bringing Moto back from the brink or anything. [BGR]

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@barkolounger: you sound like the patent officer in that urban myth, you know the one that supposedly said "everything that can be invented, has already been invented" in the early 20th century.

I think this phone definitely has a place. Look at the excitement over the TouchPro, with that fugly "diamond" faceted backside. There are two potential plusses for the Alexander and I hope that Motorola doesn't disappoint here:

a.) nVidia graphics chip ... interesting potentials that I'm sure we can all elaborate on in our imaginations.

b.) price ... with the TouchPro running around $900 and the Xperia rumored to hit at just over $1000; if Motorola could bring this in at a reasonably lower price point it'd be a good option.

As for WM. There are some of us who are stuck with it for niche applications. The same reason why I have to continue running XP on my notebook. Until niche developers widen their perspectives to other OS's, hardware manufacturers can't be faulted for catering to certain markets.