Motorola's Secret Alexander Cellphone : If It Fails, Moto Is OVR

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Boy Genius has the details on a mystery Motorola phone codenamed Alexander, which is supposedly Moto's last-ditch effort: Word is that if this special ops phone doesn't light the world on fire, Motorola goes up for sale. Personally, the phone described by these specs (though way beyond today's ZN5) is not one I would base the entire future of my company on: 8-megapixel camera, an Nvidia chip for video and 3D jujitsu, GPS, touchscreen (possibly) and the UIQ OS. Due date is around October. Again, it seems strange to tip a whole company on the success or failure of a single phone (why not build several good phones in a row?), but it's not like Moto hasn't done it before. [BGR]


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Motorolla, once the second-fondest company in the eye of Mac, Amiga, and ST users everywhere has now been destroyed by their own stagnation.

I never understood why a company would sell off a division that is doing so poorly. Whether it be Motorolla and it's phones or GM and the Hummer, if the division sucks for you it stands to reason it is going to suck for the next guy, too.