Motorola and Airvana To Make High-Speed Cell-to-Broadband Boxes

One of the ugliest named cool new technologies is the "femtocell," a desktop-friendly cell tower that connects to your broadband network to add cell service where it otherwise might be crappy. Today Motorola and Airvana announced that they are partnering to build CDMA femtocells that provide standard 1xRTT and high-speed EV-DO connectivity. It's not clear whether this would be geared for the home, like Sprint's Samsung Airave (which, though cool, apparently doesn't do EV-DO). This one might be more for businesses, but we hope that changes—and that Verizon follows Sprint's lead and picks it up—because I would love to have the ability to add cell service to my home as needed. Wouldn't you? [Airvana]


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