Listen up you thin form-factor Motorola lovers, the next phone to complement your Q, RAZR, and SLVR has just gotten one step closer to hitting the shelves by getting FCC approval. The phone, named the RAZR K1, has been approved as a quad-band GSM and EDGE phone. Check out all of our hip-hoppin', be-boppin' Canary coverage here.

Now it is time for a little off-topic discussion. So it seems every damn day another new device gets some kind of FCC approval. Does it honestly take a lot of work to get something approved from the FCC, or does some intern just sit at the FCC desk with a giant "approved" stamp? Any insiders know what kind of rigorous steps are involved in getting approved? Leave a comment or shoot me an email, you can find my e-mail address over on the left. Teach me a thing or two and you may earn yourself a comments invite.


FCC Approves Motorola Canary, Officially Called K1 [Phone Scoop]