Motorola CEO Says Windows Mobile 7's Not Coming 'Til 2010

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To help lighten the mood a bit after revealing their fourth-quarter $3.6 billion bloodbath, Motoroloa CEO Sanjay Jha revealed that we likely won't see Windows Mobile 7 until 2010 at the earliest.

We've seen lots of Win-Mo 7 dates floated; most recently, the "early 2009" projection was more realistically hedged to the "second half" of 2009 by Microsoft in September. Jha's announcement could potentially mean that we won't be seeing any Motorola Windows Mobile 7 phones until 2010, but the Electronista folks have Jha saying on the earnings call that the expected worldwide rollout of WM7 won't happen until 2010.


This is also interesting because it appears to disprove yesterday's rumor in the Wall Street Journal that Motorola was planning on completely abandoning Windows Mobile in favor of the "more competitive" (and completely free to license) Android. Jha says Moto is still focused on Google' open source OS, but we have yet to see any official word of Motorola-branded Android gear getting close to release—they're not expected until the end of this year. Oh Moto. [Electronista, WSJ]

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Linux Chief hardware engineer

I dont think releasing android phone is going to save them. Android isnt that popular outside the geek community. (i.e. g1 sales)

It will delay the inevitable for a while, but in the end Motorola just isnt a brand people care about.

Now before you all jump on me, i own a Motorola phone, not an iphone. And its pretty much a razor wannabe..