Motorola Keylink Helps Find Your Keys or Phone When Your Brain Can't

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Motorola has had a busy couple of months (like really busy), but they've still got one more little piece of hardware to push out to the masses. This is the Motorola Keylink, a $25 keychain that will help you find your misplaced keys or smartphone, Android and iPhone alike.

This little device taps into the Motorola Connect app, which you can download from iTunes or Google Play. When you lose your keys, nab your handset and find the keys on a map or make the Keylink ring. If you find yourself in the dire situation of a missing smartphone, then Keylink can active your phone's ringtone from up to 100 feet. Thanks an estimated year of battery life with a standard watch battery, you never have to worry about charging either. But, if you lose your keys and your phone, then you're SOL. There's only so much technology can do for you.

Motorola has baked in an extra feature for Google-powered devices. Anyone with second generation Moto X, Droid Turbo, or an Android phone running Lollipop can enable the Keylink as a trusted device, so you never have to unlock your phone when your keys are near. But if you have nosey roommates, family members, or significant others, maybe you just leave that setting off.


This isn't the first gadget that's aspired to pull this off, but Motorola's had a great track record recently, and at $25 the price is right. The Keylink is sold out on Motorola's website for the time being, but these little guys can also be picked up at T-Mobile starting today. [Motorola via Droid Life]

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