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Motorola Legal Contract Won't Let You Hawk $2000 Aura Phone on eBay

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Motorola's $2000 exquisitely crafted Aura phone is a perfect eBay item: Rare, ridiculously expensive to start, it would fetch a small fortune. Which is exactly why Motorola is reportedly requiring buyers to “sign into a contract that states they can’t sell it on eBay." They apparently keep its image of exclusivity untainted by appearing in a vulgar virtual auction house. If you want to dump the phone (the horror), you have to sell it back to Moto. Since each phone comes with a unique ID, it's possible Moto could track you down with their legal bloodhounds if you do it anyway—they should be able to afford some pretty decent ones too after selling a couple of these things. [The Reg]