Motorola Legal Contract Won't Let You Hawk $2000 Aura Phone on eBay

Illustration for article titled Motorola Legal Contract Wont Let You Hawk $2000 Aura Phone on eBay

Motorola's $2000 exquisitely crafted Aura phone is a perfect eBay item: Rare, ridiculously expensive to start, it would fetch a small fortune. Which is exactly why Motorola is reportedly requiring buyers to “sign into a contract that states they can’t sell it on eBay." They apparently keep its image of exclusivity untainted by appearing in a vulgar virtual auction house. If you want to dump the phone (the horror), you have to sell it back to Moto. Since each phone comes with a unique ID, it's possible Moto could track you down with their legal bloodhounds if you do it anyway—they should be able to afford some pretty decent ones too after selling a couple of these things. [The Reg]

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I actually like this move. I HATE eBay. I HATE how every year or time when something new comes out, you have eBay hawks who come in, swoop up all of the supply. Then they force you to pay 20 to 500 percent above markup price. That is criminal in every right. I wish Nintendo or Sony would do this, but, eh.