Motorola emphasized speed with its introduction of this breathlessly-named RAZRmaxx V6 Ferrari Challenge Mobile Phone Limited Edition, touting its 3.6 megabit-per-second HSDPA wireless broadband connection. Along with that familiar Ferrari badge, the otherwise-ordinary RAZR clamshell handset has that signature red color as its keypad backlight, and makes annoying engine noises when it's turned on or off, which could get old after about a day or two. Hopefully that can be easily silenced.

Oh yeah, and there's one other major difference: that Ferrari logo turns a cheap RAZR phone into a $636 status symbol, but that's before discounts you might get by signing your life away to some shitty cellphone service provider. We're just wondering what's up with Ferrari that it needs to pimp its logo on laptops and cellphones. We don't see Rolex doing that.


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