Motorola Q Launched, But You Can't Have It

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The Motorola Q, named after the affable yet superintelligently dangerous villain on Star Trek: The Force Is With You, will appear on store shelves in 6-9 months reminding us that, like the common house shrew and the human female, electronics have a lengthy gestation period.

The Q, which is known in some circles as the Blackberry-killer, won't be killing any Blackberries until Q1 2006. In the intervening months it will train with the famous swordsmith Hattori Hanzo in preparation for its massive showdown with the Blackberry in a sprawling, 4-star hotel in California.


What else? Not much. It's a skinny QWERTY phone running Windows Mobile and it quit clearly has quite a few hooks in at old Exchange Server Place so it can send and receive email like a champ. Other than that, I'm holding my breath until the RAZR 2007 comes out. It will be so thin that it will be just a piece of aluminum foil folded over once.

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