Motorola Rolls Out Three Linux Phones

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So first they get a big belly-rub all day yesterday and now Motorola hogs the spotlight again with three sexy looking productivity phones running Linux.

Motorola A910 - (Pictured) Basic specs: Bluetooth, GPRS, 1-Megapixel camera. A cute Linux flip-phone.

Motorola A728 - A flip with touchscreen. Specs include:

...intelligent handwriting, PIM and email capability**, SyncML support, speech recognition dialing, hands-free connections, Power Word dictionary and Yahoo! Messenger.


Motorola A732 - A slider with Finger Text (WHA!) which allows you to trace characters on the keypad. It's tri-band with Mini-SD slot and standard goodies.

Motorola Adds New Linux Phones: A910 with WiFi, A728, and A732 [